Memes, for the most part, can be pretty funny but often they just make you want to cringe, especially when they are Arsenal memes.

Arsenal memes 2021 arsenal memesarsenal memes

arsenal meme

arsenal meme

Arsenal memes have existed since the internet became a place for people to share comedy, although that word is, of course, subjective.

arsenal meme

The ‘meme’ that we use today is defined as:

“An image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.”

Typically humourous in nature.

However, when it comes to football memes, especially where Arsenal memes are concerned, they can often stray from being genuinely humourous into the realm of downright cringeworthy.

With Arsenal being awful for the last few years, you’d expect the jokes to write themselves but apparently not.

Well, not very well anyway.

From poorly worded, misspelled Arsenal memes, to Arsenal memes that aren’t even factually accurate, it can be pretty difficult to find a quality Arsenal meme on the internet.

Therefore, we figured that it would be easier to show you the ones which made us cringe the most.

Arsenal memes from 2017 – 2020

We first wrote this post in 2017 (you can see those memes below) so figured it was time for an update, especially given what’s happened at the club in that time.

Surely they’ve gotten better in the past three years?


This meme gets us off to a good start

arsenal meme 1

The ‘Arsenal don’t win trophies’ line is always hilarious, especially when they are winning trophies.

Don’t confuse us with Tottenham.
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Arsenal memes from 2017 and before

The repetitive Arsenal meme

wenger out meme

How many memes have you seen with ‘Wenger Out’ written on them this season? Too many. The answer is too many.

The grammatically incorrect Arsenal meme

gramatically incorrect meme

It does suck being “a Arsenal fan” sometimes.

The unfunny Arsenal meme

bayern meme

Bayern did a good job of comforting Arsenal when we played them in the Champions League…

The vague image Arsenal meme

vague image meme

What has a picture of Brick from the movie Anchorman got to do with Arsenal?

The relevant Arsenal meme

the relevant meme

It may not be funny but at least it’s true.

The inappropriate Arsenal meme

inappropriate meme

When will people realise this ‘Ramsey curse’ thing was never actually funny.

The nonsensical Arsenal meme


Honestly, what does this even mean? This is terrible. Literally terrible.

The nonsensical Arsenal meme 2.0

what does this mean meme

Seriously, what?

The pro-Arsenal meme

pro arsenal meme

Here’s a meme I can get behind.

The match-specific Arsenal meme

the match specific meme

It was only relevant for one match but BOY was it relevant.

The misspelled Arsenal meme

the misspelled meme

Yeah ‘Wanyne’, tell me a joke.

The Arsenal meme of denial

the denial meme

You know Gooners are upset when they start making memes about that time that Manchester United didn’t win a title for 26 years back in the dark ages.

The too-true-to-be-funny Arsenal meme

too true to be funny meme

It just hurts, man.

The Twitter bantz Arsenal meme

top bantz meme

You know when you see ‘hilarious’ fake names circulating during the transfer window?

The is-this-meant-to-be-funny? Arsenal meme

is this meant to be a funny meme

I mean, it’s true, but isn’t there supposed to be a punchline or something?

The what-in-the-world Arsenal meme

the what in the world memeWho on earth MADE this?

Gunnersaurus Arsenal meme

gunnersaurus meme

The only Arsenal meme I care about to be honest.