The Premier League title race is heading for a dramatic finale, with both Arsenal and Manchester City in contention to lift the trophy.

As the final day approaches, intricate plans are in place to ensure a seamless trophy presentation, regardless of which team emerges victorious.

arsene wenger premier league gold trophy aresenal manager
Arsene Wenger holding up the gold Premier League trophy awarded for the 2003/04 title-winning season

With the Premier League title race coming down to the wire, Manchester City and Arsenal are both vying for the coveted trophy. As they prepare to play their final matches on opposite ends of the country, the question arises: what happens to the Premier League trophy on the final day?

The Premier League has a well-established protocol for such situations. Identical trophies and sets of 40 medals will be present at both the Emirates Stadium and the Etihad Stadium. Every player who has made five or more appearances will be eligible for a medal.

The winning team will lift their trophy, after which an engraver will etch their name onto it. The champions will then retain the trophy for a year, while the Premier League keeps the unused one. The following season, the winning team must return the trophy three weeks before the season’s end.

This season’s title race has already seen its share of mind games, with Arsenal ultras setting off fireworks outside Manchester City’s supposed hotel in a failed attempt to disrupt their rivals ahead of Tuesday’s game against Spurs. Unfortunately, the City players weren’t even there.

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