February marks a pivotal month for Arsenal as they navigate through a series of rescheduled Premier League fixtures.

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Arsenal on TV

February brings a reshuffle in Arsenal‘s Premier League fixtures, with three of their games being rescheduled for live TV coverage in the UK.

The first change involves the Arsenal vs Liverpool match, now set for Sunday, 4th February, at 4.30pm (GMT). Fans will head to Emirates Stadium for this encounter, which will be broadcast on Sky Sports.

On Sunday, 11 February, Arsenal will face West Ham United.

This match, kicking off at two pm (GMT) at the London Stadium, will also be televised live on Sky Sports.

The final game seeing a change is against Newcastle United.

While still scheduled for Saturday, 24 February, the kick-off has been moved to 8pm (GMT).

This game, to be played at Emirates Stadium, will be aired on TNT Sports. T

he late kick-off time could cause travel issues for Newcastle fans, as returning home by train is likely to be difficult.

Arsenal‘s match against Burnley on Saturday, 17 February, remains at its original time of 3pm (GMT) and will not be broadcast live.

These rescheduled fixtures are important for Arsenal, not just for their performance in the league but also in preparation for their upcoming Champions Legaue match against Porto. The team needs to manage their players’ fitness and strategies effectively, given the tight schedule.

It’s worth noting that while TV selections for the Premier League are set until 26 February 2024, they can still change.