Santi Cazorla’s homecoming at Real Oviedo has created a ripple effect of success and rejuvenation.

The esteemed, with a history at clubs like Arsenal, has not only lifted the team’s performance but has also been a catalyst for financial and social media growth.

Santi Cazorla via Real Oviedo
Santi Cazorla via Real Oviedo

The remarkable influence of Santi Cazorla since his signing with Real Oviedo has been evident both on and off the field.

The former Arsenal and Spanish national team midfielder has not only enhanced the team’s performance but also significantly boosted its financial and social media presence.

Cazorla, who returned to Real Oviedo after an impressive career at clubs like Villarreal, Malaga, Arsenal, and in Qatari football, brought with him a wave of positive change.

His only condition upon signing was that 10% of the sales from his shirts would go to the club’s youth academy. This gesture has already shown its impact with over two thousand shirts sold, 10% of which were purchased outside Asturias.

Financially, Real Oviedo has seen a surge in store revenue, with a 20% increase compared to last year. This uptick is credited to the ‘Cazorla effect’, as 40% of the store purchases are related to him. His arrival also marked a significant rise in the club’s subscribers, surpassing 20,000 after his signing.

Cazorla’s presence has also translated into higher spectator numbers at Carlos Tartiere stadium. The first match after his signing saw a sale of four thousand tickets, far exceeding the average of previous seasons.

Additionally, his impact extended to social media, with the announcement of his return garnering 1.5 million views, seven thousand visits to the club’s profile, and 76,000 interactions on Twitter.

Instagram also witnessed a surge in activity with a million views on a video featuring Oviedo singer Melendi. With Cazorla in the squad, the club’s social media revenue has already reached half of last season’s total in just three months.

Real Oviedo‘s strategic communications plan for Cazorla focuses on carefully managing his image and linking his media appearances with his positive physical evolution and increasing role in the team. This approach highlights the club’s intent to maximise the benefits of Cazorla’s presence while maintaining his well-being.

The club’s foreign shareholder factor also plays a significant role in its resurgence.

Real Oviedo was saved from dissolution in 2012 thanks to contributions from over 40,000 foreign shareholders from 125 countries. Daily Cannon counts themselves among them.

The subsequent involvement of the Mexican Carso Group and later the Pachuca Group, which currently holds almost 60% of the club’s shares, underscores the international interest in the club.

Cazorla’s return is not just a boost for Real Oviedo on the pitch but a catalyst for the club’s overall growth.

With ambitions of promotion to the First Division, Real Oviedo, powered by Cazorla’s influence, is charting a course towards greater heights in Spanish football.