Arsenal’s faith in the Chelsea midfielder seems shaky after his stint at Stamford Bridge. His three-year spell at Chelsea and the subsequent disappointing performances after his significant move makes one wonder if he fits into Arsenal’s game plan.

His recent showdown against Manchester United further dampens the spirit. His support seems unwavering despite missing crucial opportunities and seemingly lacking on-field determination. But for how long?

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Comparisons and Concerns

Havertz’s demeanour on the field coincides with Arsenal’s previous association with Mesut Ozil. While Ozil had brilliance moments, he was often considered a luxury player. Sadly, Kai lacks even that attacking spark, leaving fans feeling a player short during crucial games.

When bench players like Vieira show potential and exude energy, it raises eyebrows about their limited opportunities. Smith-Rowe’s scenario adds to the perplexity. Despite being one of the top scorers a few seasons back, his chances seem limited.

Influence and bias

There’s no denying the influence of personal bias in football. Managers, after all, are humans too. The apparent favouritism, especially at the cost of performance, is unsettling. It’s hard not to ask if some decisions are driven more by a need to justify big transfers than actual on-pitch needs.

Jesus’s recent performances make the argument stronger. His on-field energy, control, and ability to challenge defenders elevate the team’s dynamics. His style starkly contrasts with Havertz’s current form, making fans wonder what’s missing in the latter.

Playing into form

While some argue that continuous play might help Havertz regain his form and confidence, it’s a gamble. With mounting pressure to deliver match-winning performances, every game counts.

Declan Rice’s recent commentary about the challenges of keeping up with teams like Manchester City adds another layer to this concern. The margin for errors, especially against formidable teams, is thinning.

The way forward

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider the strategy for Havertz. Learning from Manchester City’s handling of Jack Grealish could be insightful. Instead of thrusting him into every match, a more nurturing approach might yield better results. Arsenal has midfield options, making it less of a necessity always to have Havertz on the pitch.

The upcoming break presents an opportunity for reflection. Arsenal’s encounter with Everton, a team that traditionally poses challenges, looms. The last thing Arsenal needs is a repeat of the Fulham scenario. For Manager Arteta, the primary goal should be clear – prioritize the team and its performance. Winning is paramount, and it’s time to re-evaluate the best way to achieve that.