Ashley Cole, the former Arsenal and Chelsea defender, has been handed a six-month driving ban and a fine amounting to £3,340 due to driving offences.

Ashley Cole
Ashley Cole

Although Ashley Cole was absent at the Liverpool Magistrates’ Court during the session, he conveyed his guilty plea via legal representatives for two counts of speeding and one count of failing to divulge details regarding the driver.

These breaches were committed in Liverpool during 2022 and 2023. Cole refrained from offering any justifications for avoiding the disqualification.

Detailing the incidents, Vincent Yip, the prosecutor, specified that on 11 March 2022, Cole was found to be exceeding the speed limit on Leeds Street, where he drove at 40mph in a 30mph zone.

A separate incident on 11 January this year found him driving at 41mph in another 30mph zone on Garston Way.

Cole currently works as assistant manager for the England Under-21 team and had served as a coach at Everton, working alongside his previous Chelsea colleague, Frank Lampard, from February 2022 till January 2023.

In the case of not providing details about the speeding vehicle on 12 January, it came to light that an unidentified vehicle was recorded by a speed camera the previous December.

Cole, the registered owner residing at Guildford Road in Leatherhead, Surrey, failed to address the notice inquiring about the car’s driver.

The court brought attention to the fact that Cole had previously acquired three points on his driving licence. With the recent offences incurring a total of 12 points on his record, District Judge Timothy Bosworth noted that there had been no attempt by Cole or his representatives to challenge or appeal the charges.