Discover the ebb and flow of football shirt popularity as we take a deep dive into the most sought after football shirts around the world, putting a spotlight on Arsenal’s role in this global trend.

  • Real Madrid tops the list of most sought after football shirts worldwide, with Manchester United and Liverpool close behind.
  • Arsenal’s shirt is the most popular in the UK, reflecting the team’s deep-rooted history and distinctive design.
  • The recent shift in football shirt popularity can be attributed to their incorporation into everyday fashion, aided by high-profile influencers and celebrities.

The rising demand for football shirts worldwide

william saliba new arsenal kit
William Saliba in Arsenal’s new kit for the 23/24 season via

The renowned Real Madrid shirt takes the crown as the world’s most sought after football shirt, according to Google.

This illustrious shirt sees an average of 416,835 global monthly searches, reflecting its popularity among football enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals alike.

However, the Manchester United shirt nips at its heels, ranking second in global demand with 390,985 average monthly searches. It’s worth noting that this iconic shirt only ranks third within the UK’s searches.

Adding to the English club representation, Liverpool’s shirt takes the third spot on the list, accumulating 356,325 average monthly searches worldwide and securing its position as the second most sought after shirt in the UK.

The impact of fashion and culture on football shirt popularity

Arsenal players and artists in the new Arsenal away kit for 2023/24 (Photo via
Arsenal players and artists in the new Arsenal away kit for 2023/24 (Photo via

Football shirts have transcended their traditional role as team symbols, permeating into the realms of fashion and culture.

Today, they are as likely to be worn by influencers and artists as they are by loyal football fans.

This trend is clearly visible in the surge of searches for the AS Roma shirt after its debut by Kim Kardashian, and the frequent sightings of Premier League shirts on the likes of Drake and Migos.

Arsenal leads the way in the UK

Leah Williamson in Arsenal's new kit via
Leah Williamson in Arsenal’s new kit via

Arsenal’s shirt garners significant attention, ranking fourth globally but leading the pack in the UK.

This popularity is likely bolstered by the praise Arsenal’s yearly kit releases receive within football fashion circles.

The iconic red shirt with white sleeves is synonymous with north London and resonates deeply with the club’s history.

High-profile players boost shirt demand

Declan Rice after signing for Arsenal (Photo via
Declan Rice after signing for Arsenal (Photo via

The popularity of football shirts isn’t solely based on aesthetics and history; the players wearing them significantly influence their demand.

This fact is exemplified by the skyrocketing popularity of the Paris Saint-Germain shirt, thanks to the global influence of star players like Neymar Jr, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappé.

Similarly, an increase in searches for shirts associated with high-profile players like Messi reflects their role as fashion icons.

The enduring appeal of vintage football shirts

Arsenal green kit
Arsenal green kit

The demand for vintage or retro shirts has also been identified, particularly for clubs like Manchester United and Liverpool.

These vintage shirts carry a rich history, marked by the legendary players who have donned them. This sense of nostalgia is a compelling factor, cementing these shirts as popular fashion choices.

A spokesperson from boohooMAN, the menswear brand that analysed online search volumes for football clothing related terms, commented on the findings.

They observed that football, being the world’s biggest sport, naturally influences fashion trends, and football shirts are a clear testament to this phenomenon.

“Football is the biggest sport in the world and it’s understandable that football fans would fill their wardrobes with merchandise from their favourite team,” the spokesperson said.

“The findings show that not only are shirts now worn by the star players and fans of the sport, but have transcended beyond sport into fashion, the clearest example would be Ajax’s 2021/22 Away kit, better known as the ‘Bob Marley shirt’.

“Despite not being directly linked to the sport, many fashion influencers are often spotted wearing football shirts as more of a fashion statement, including the most famous influencer, Kim Kardashian who wore an AS Roma jersey earlier this year.”

Despite their roots in sport, these shirts have become fashion statements, sported by influencers and celebrities alike.

With the continual fusion of sport and fashion, it’s clear that the popularity of football shirts is here to stay.