With the 23/24 season looming, it’s time to get your Arsenal game plan in order.

Our downloadable printables, available in three convenient versions, will ensure you stay ahead of every fixture, every goal, and every memorable moment of the Gunners’ journey.

Downloading and printing our Arsenal fixtures for the 23/24 season ensures you are in sync with every match, home or away. Be prepared, plan your game days, and immerse yourself in the thrill of each match.

That time of year is here again! Preseason is just about to start, and the new season is only a month away.

It’s time to print out your fixtures list and go old school when it comes to following The Arsenal.

As always, I have prepared three different versions for this season, which you can download for free.

They are designed in A3 size but should look good on A4 as well (although there’s a little less room for writing, of course!). I suggest going with slightly thicker paper for better results.

This season, I didn’t choose a kits theme because I don’t really love any of the kits Adidas has designed for us this time around.

Each design has something special about it when it comes to function and design.

The Angel version

The first design is inspired by Louis Dunford’s ‘The Angel’ (North London Forever), and focuses on the fact we are the kings of North London and beyond.

Here, you can fill out the results for the Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

It is the ultimate companion for the die-hard Arsenal fan.

Detailed with match dates, opponents, and whether the game is home or away, this guide ensures you won’t miss a beat of the Gunners’ season.

north london forever

The vintage version

The second design is a bit vintage but with a focus on our current team and players – hopefully, no one leaves before the end of the season!

In this one, besides the Premier League and Champions League, I’ve added a little chart where you can track how we are progressing through the season.

Hopefully it won’t be depressing!

This minimalistic calendar, highlighting the game days, allows for at-a-glance planning. It’s perfect for fans wanting to quickly mark out their calendar without excessive details.


The Invincibles version

The third design is all about The Invincibles as it’s 20 years since that fantastic season!

In this one, there’s room to fill in fixtures and results for all cup competitions.


Click to get the full size, download and print and hopefully we all enjoy filling these in again. Let me know on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok if you are using them – I’d love to see,

I’m @arsenalofka everywhere.

Remember, with these fixture printables, you’re not just a fan, but part of the Arsenal family. Download your guide today!