Online gamblers are certainly not short of options. There are many different casinos, all offering a wide variety of games. On top of this, they also have a choice when it comes to the platform used to log in and start playing.

Some people prefer to play on a computer, others play on mobile. There are a few different platforms that can be used for online casino gaming, and all have their pros and cons. In this guide, we’re taking you through the top options in countdown format. Which platforms make casino gaming a breeze?

1. Desktop computer

The first online casino games ever were played on desktop computers using modems to connect them to the internet. Things have come a long way since the boxy computers of the 1990s, but we still have desktop computers which may be a good option for some gamers.

The vast majority of casinos will work on any modern desktop. The top casinos also offer many payment options. For instance, pay-by-mobile casinos mean that even those who are playing on their computer don’t necessarily need to use online banking or input their card details online.

While a simple desktop is all people need to play most of the games out there, there has been a huge trend in recent years as more and more people buy gaming computers. This means that they are likely to have high-tech graphics cards and displays as well as features such as soundbars to enhance the experience.

While online casino gaming doesn’t require the same level of equipment as some of the big, AAA games, a good gaming PC can provide a great way to play live casino games or those with more special effects.

Desktops are popular among some other gamblers, such as those who track all the latest football stats or racing stats before placing their bets. The larger screen display shows things in more detail when compared to smaller options such as phones and tablets.

2. Tablet

A tablet can be a decent option for gaming, whether you are using an Android tablet or you have an Apple device.

Historically, Apple devices didn’t have Flash on them which meant they didn’t always display casino games, but this has changed over recent years, and so has the technology used to develop the games. This means that virtually every modern tablet gives gamers the option to play.

Gamers may choose to play on their tablet’s browser, but many casinos also have specific apps which can unlock more functionality or just provide a simpler way to play.

Tablets are usually bigger than phones, of course, meaning that they can display casino games in more detail, but there are also some downsides. Many tablets are notoriously difficult to control in terms of using your hands. While a phone tends to sit nicely in the hand, tablets require two hands to play and sometimes the way you stake, spin or interact with casino games is not as intuitive as they are on other platforms.

Tablets may require a Wi-Fi connection to use the internet, and of course, when playing casino games online it is crucial to remain connected at all times. This means that you need to ensure you are playing with a reliable connection. This is true for phones too, but with a tablet you may not have cellular data to fall back on, or if you do, it could come at a cost.

For some people, tablets don’t provide enough of an upgrade from gambling on mobile to be worth it, but others prefer the experience, and it is particularly good for those who find it hard to follow the smaller screen size on a phone.

3. Laptop

Laptops are the second-most-popular way to play and are one of the most effective platforms for casino gamers. More than 3/4 of the UK population has a laptop, so it is not like people need to go out and buy a new one in order to play casino games.

There are many benefits to this method of playing. Laptops combine the larger screen size we have on tablets with the portability of mobile phones. As long as players have a reliable internet connection, they can play their games wherever they happen to be. Casino games can be enjoyed on the train, or in any room of the house.

Laptops are good for games such as poker where the player may need to make quick decisions or input their next move. A lot of casino games and apps allow laptop users to use their keyboards to control what is going to happen next. There may even be shortcuts to raise, fold or sit out the next hand. It is also clear to follow what is happening when you connect via a laptop, and you may even be able to have other windows open at the same time, such as a video playing or a radio stream while you play casino games.

4. Mobile phone

What can’t we do on mobile phones these days? We can stream football matches, listen to audiobooks, check our online banking, order our shopping, and of course, play online casino games.

Mobile phones provide a very convenient option for people to bet on sports as well as play online casino games. With network coverage at an all-time high, most people in the UK are always connected and able to log in and play at any time.

Mobile phones have their downsides too. Portability is great, but some mobiles have relatively small screens, meaning that players don’t necessarily see what is going on in complete detail. Additionally, games such as poker can become awkward if there are a lot of touch-screen controls. It depends on the specific model too, of course.

Mobiles are also not totally reliable when it comes to staying connected. If you are relying on mobile data while you play on the go, then there is always the chance you may end up in a spot where the signal is poor.

There are many different games designed with the mobile phone player in mind, and although there are a few downsides, it is easy to see why it is the most popular platform for casino gamers today. People can play by downloading the official apps made by casinos or by just logging in via their browser, so in terms of convenience, it is hard to argue with mobile phones. Decades ago, it was hard to imagine that we would be able to play casino games on a device we carry around in our pockets, but this is the age we live in today.

Conclusion: Each platform has plus points

A lot of gamers use a combination of different platforms to play, or choose their platform based on where they are going to be playing. If you’re on a bus or the train, then your phone might be a good option. At home, some gamers prefer to play on a more immersive platform such as a gaming PC. There is no right or wrong answer, but it is important to weigh up the pros and cons before getting started.