Arsenal have become the first Premier League club to include British Sign Language (BSL) in all of its Emirates stadium activities, which is life-changing for deaf fans, and their work has been praised widely with other clubs encouraged to follow them.

British sign language on the big screen at Arsenal
British Sign Language on the big screen at Arsenal


  • Arsenal’s incorporation of British Sign Language into everything that happens on the Emirates’ big screens has been life-changing for deaf fans, making them feel more connected to the game.
  • The initiative is the first for Premier League clubs and allows a British Sign Language interpreter pitchside for all of Arsenal’s content, pre-match and half-time, translating interviews for deaf fans within the stadium and on the big screens.
  • The introduction of British Sign Language at the Emirates has been positively received by both deaf and non-deaf supporters, with many eager to find out what’s going on and share the happiness.
  • Arsenal are one of few clubs that send staff to support disabled fans at every away game and hopes other clubs will follow their lead in promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all fans.

This innovative initiative has been a game-changer for Arsenal’s deaf supporters, who have felt excluded for a long time.

Christopher Clelland, one of the club’s deaf supporters, speaking to the Guardian, described how the new system made him feel included, happy and connected with the team, adding that it made him feel part of the family.

The initiative has had a broader impact, with hearing supporters approaching deaf supporters and finding out more about what was happening on the big screens.

The club’s disability access manager, Jon Dyster, said that there is a BSL interpreter pitchside for all of their content, including pre-match and halftime, explaining everything to deaf fans within the stadium and on the big screens.

The incorporation of BSL is an essential step towards inclusion and accessibility for disabled football fans. The move highlights Arsenal’s groundbreaking work in promoting accessibility and inclusivity, including sending staff to support disabled fans at every away game.

The Guardian’s article concludes that such an initiative, so brilliantly simple, should be adopted by every other club, and it calls on others to follow Arsenal’s lead in making football accessible and inclusive for all.