Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has credited the winning mentality of new signings Oleksandr Zinchenko and Jorginho for helping the team overcome a bout of nerves and reclaim top spot in the Premier League.

The Gunners surrendered the lead after defeats to Everton and Manchester City but rallied to snatch a dramatic injury-time win at Aston Villa, with Jorginho scoring the decisive goal last week.

Ramsdale revealed that the experience of Zinchenko, who won three Premier League titles with Manchester City, and Jorginho, who won the Champions League with Chelsea, had helped the younger members of the squad stay focused.

“These are people which us young boys can tap into their minds. They have won major things and when we have had a tough week where we lost, it could be quite easy for some of us young boys to feel nervous,” he said.

Ramsdale added that Zinchenko’s arrival had brought a “completely different dimension” to the Arsenal team and praised Jorginho’s passion and commitment, despite only joining the club in January.

While he welcomed the three points, Ramsdale warned that Arsenal had to stop giving teams a “head start” and improve their defence if they wanted to win the league.

“Of course, it’s an amazing feeling now we are in the dressing room but there will be some truths spoke in the week about how we can improve and what we need to do better in the coming weeks,” he added.