The Daily Mail report that Murray Rosen KC, an arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne and a member of Arsenal Football Club, has been appointed as the head of the Premier League’s Judicial Panel to oversee the proceedings surrounding the alleged rule breaches by Manchester City.

Lawyer who will head the Premier League panel looking into Man City's alleged rule breaches is an ARSENAL member... with the champions facing the threat of points deduction or even expulsion if found guilty Man City have been charged by the Premier League over alleged breaches of financial rules relating to sponsorship rules and secret contracts  The head of the Premier League's Judicial Panel will now select a commission  Murray Rosen KC's online profile says he is a member at league rivals Arsenal
Mail Online

Murray Rosen’s extensive background in sports law and dispute resolution, as well as his understanding of the issues surrounding the governance of sport, make him a well-suited individual to lead the commission, according to the Mail’s report.

Although they are keen to highlight that Rosen is a member of Arsenal, they do not explain what that means. I am a member of Arsenal and all it means is I can buy tickets through the club.

Still, they do highlight that the panel will have nothing to do with Arsenal, remaining independent of the Premier League and all clubs.

As head of the Judicial Panel, Rosen will be responsible for selecting the members of the commission that will consider Manchester City’s alleged rule breaches.

Rosen has specialised in sports disputes since 2016 and has sat on more than 20 cases at the CAS.

He was not on the CAS arbitration panel for the case that saw Manchester City successfully overturn the two-year Champions League ban imposed by UEFA in 2020.

Rosen holds an MA in Philosophy and Law from Trinity College, Cambridge, a Diploma in EU and Civil Law from the Brussels Free University, and an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute London.

According to his online biography, Rosen is a strong believer in fairness and the power and benefits of sports, with a keen appreciation for its social, political, and financial aspects.

It looks like with Rosen at the helm of the Premier League’s Judicial Panel, Manchester City can expect a fair and thorough investigation into their alleged rule breaches regardless of what the press make of his football allegiances.

The private and confidential proceedings could result in the reigning Premier League champions facing a points deduction or even expulsion from the competition, although that seems extremely unlikely.