Liverpool are preparing to face Real Madrid in the last-16 of the Champions League, and the Reds are in a better position than they were the last time they encountered the Spanish giants.

Despite being the runners-up last season and hoping to go one step further this year, Liverpool’s current form has been far from their impressive form last season when they came close to winning the quadruple.

Jurgen Klopp admitted that watching last season’s Champions League final was ‘torture’ for him, but it would have been worse had he watched it a few weeks earlier.

The Reds were struggling to find their form, making them ill-prepared to face a team like Real Madrid. However, Liverpool have recently been able to rediscover their form, and Klopp can take comfort in the fact that his team is on the verge of rediscovering themselves.

Liverpool’s recent form includes a victory against Everton in a derby match and a resounding win against Newcastle.

The Reds are peaking just in time for the return of the Champions League, a competition that defines the club like no other. Klopp and his team will be eager to make a statement and show their quality on this grand stage.

Real Madrid is one of the most successful teams in the Champions League, having defeated Liverpool 3-1 in last season’s quarter-final. However, the Reds have shown that they can compete at the highest level, and they have an opportunity to avenge their loss to the Spanish giants.

Klopp and his team have analysed their defeat against Real Madrid last season and will be eager to make amends.

Klopp’s vast experience in the Champions League will come in handy as he guides his team towards victory. Liverpool has the talent, desire, and motivation to win the Champions League, and they will be hoping to make a statement in the last-16 rematch against Real Madrid.