Arsenal’s Premier League victory against Aston Villa on Saturday afternoon was marred by an angry confrontation between members of the coaching staff from both sides.

Miguel Molina
Miguel Molina

Arsenal analyst and coach Miguel Molina and Victor Manas, a ‘trusted aide’ of manager Unai Emery, were involved in the heated exchange shortly after Emiliano Martinez’s own goal gave Arsenal a 3-2 lead in injury time.

Molina and Manas, who both worked at Arsenal when Emery was in charge, were sitting in the Villa Park press box when the confrontation took place.

Stewards were called to intervene as tensions flared between the two staff members.

As the MailOnline report, “Molina was eventually ejected from the media area.”

Speaking after the game, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said he had not spoken to Molina about the incident, but the club would “address it and take action if necessary.”

Emery, meanwhile, said he did not see the incident but would look into it.

While it is unclear what sparked the confrontation, the incident is a reminder of the intense emotions that can arise during high-stakes matches, even for the nerds (I say that as a fellow nerd) in the backroom staff.