Two football fans in Uganda are facing murder charges after a man was killed in the capital, Kampala in a row after Arsenal lost to Manchester City on Friday.

The tragic death of Allan Kakumba has highlighted the dangerous consequences of taking football rivalries too far.

Mr. Kakumba was killed after intervening in a fight between fans of Arsenal and Manchester City, following the teams’ match in England.

Two suspects are now in police custody and are facing murder charges.

Allan Kakumba, a 25-year-old youth councillor, died from stab wounds after intervening in a fight between his brother, an Arsenal fan, and Manchester City supporters.

The tragedy follows another death less than a week ago, where an Arsenal fan was bludgeoned to death in the West Nile district after annoying a Manchester United supporter following Arsenal’s victory against them last month.

When Arsenal beat Manchester United, eight fans were arrested in Jinja for parading through the streets with a replica Premier League trophy to celebrate the win. The group did not have a permit for the procession, which is a public order offence in Uganda.

Former head of the Uganda Sports Press Association, Joseph Kabuleta, explained that when a society becomes very vulnerable, usually because of the loss of hope in every other field of pursuit, defeat or victory cause extreme elation or extreme crushing.

The tragedies highlight the passion and fervour that many fans feel towards the sport, and the danger that can ensue when emotions run high.