As expected, Aaron Ramsdale has taken the number one shirt after Bernd Leno was sold to Fulham.

Aaron Ramsdale, Arsenal's new number 1 [via Arsenal]
Aaron Ramsdale, Arsenal’s new number 1 [via Arsenal]
Aaron Ramsdale is now officially Arsenal’s number one after moving from 32 in the wake of Bernd Leno’s departure.

The 24-year-old becomes the 22nd person to wear the Arsenal number one shirt after:

  • Bernd Leno
  • Petr Cech
  • Wojciech Szczesny
  • Jens Lehmann
  • David Seaman
  • John Lukic
  • George Wood
  • Paul Barron
  • Pat Jennings
  • Jimmy Rimmer
  • Geoff Barnett
  • Malcolm Webster
  • Tony Burns
  • Jim Furnell
  • Bob Wilson
  • Ian McKechnie
  • Jack McClelland
  • Con Sullivan
  • Jack Kelsey
  • Ted Platt
  • George Swindin

Ramsdale previously wore the 1 at Sheffield United where he also had the 12 and 39.

At Bournemouth, he wore the 12, with Wimbledon the 35, and Chesterfield the 1.

With England, Ramsdale has worn the 1 and 22, 1 with the u21s and u20s, where he also wore the 13.