In the United Kingdom, the popularity of sports betting is soaring. In-person, online, and mobile betting are all options now offered by bookmakers. A wide range of sports can generate hundreds of thousands of pounds in daily revenue in such a crowded market.

It’s no surprise that hundreds of reputed and reliable UK sports sites which accept wagers on all popular sporting events have popped up on the Internet in the last few years, though. It’s time to take a look at the most loved sports to bet on in the country!


When it applies to the most prevalent market for sports betting in the United Kingdom, only one sport should be considered: football, the national pastime. Every week, tens of millions of sports fans travel to see their team play and even more people watch it on television. Football fans and bettors become very dedicated in the world of football gambling that they usually seek out the best UK sportsbooks offering a free bet deals to allow them to use up incentives from sportsbook operators to get the best betting deals and free bets in order to increase their winnings vs the money they deposited.

However, football fans aren’t the only ones who enjoy placing a few wagers on the game. Accumulator games in football have become a cultural touchstone. Pub conversation is dominated by predictions for the game’s first goal scorer.

It’s no longer uncommon to conduct post-game wagering analysis. Betting on sports is one thing; betting on football is another, both in the United States and around the world. The average number of people who watched the 2017 League Cup final was 7.9 million. This demonstrates the game’s broad appeal, even within the United States.

As many as half a billion people are expected to tune into the Champions League final. Football wagering leads the sports betting economy because punters have access to thousands of markets and hundreds of league teams 24 24/7.


Tennis is now the second leading sport to bet on in the UK, which may surprise anyone who’s not a fan of the sport. Betting is a major source of revenue for the sport.  Tennis betting has seen a significant uptick since the advent of live wagering.

Punters’ interest has been piqued due to the ease with which they can wager on each individual set. As a result, it’s a sport that’s more predictable than many others. Men’s tennis has been dominated for years by players like Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray.

There is no denying that Serena Williams has become the undisputed queen of women’s tennis for many years as well. UK bettors have taken advantage of the lucrative potential of the sport.

Horse Racing

Even though horse racing once dominated, punters have shifted their focus to football as well as tennis markets and cash-out betting options, which have made horse racing less of a priority for UK gamblers. At the Cheltenham Festival in 2017 alone, bettors wagered over £150 million.

Grand National, Epsom Derby, and Royal Ascot still attract large bets in this huge market, but the new generation of bettors’ interest is waning when it comes to daily and weekly wagers.

US Sports

In the United States, it’s difficult to separate the various sports markets because bettors typically place acca bets that include wagers on multiple US sports, such as  football (NFL), ice hockey (NHL), and baseball (MLB).

A controversial subject, however bookmakers are beginning to recognize the popularisation of US sports among British bettors and are tailoring their promotions to take advantage of this trend.


Possibly due to its roots in prizefighting, boxing has always been a little polarising. For those who can get past that, however, boxing betting may be the ideal pastime for you. Betting on boxing can be done in a variety of ways and in a variety of different competitions.

It is time to look for the next big thing in British professional boxing now that most of the odds have been set by bookmakers in the last few years.


In terms of sports betting, golf might be a good choice because it is not as popular with other bettors, but it has the potential to be just as exciting and lucrative. There are only a few competitions to bet on when it comes to golf in the United Kingdom. However, if you manage to find these few tournaments, you can make a lot of money.

Final Verdict

Punters desire a wide range of options. It’s a deal the bookmakers are willing to make. Sport in the United Kingdom could see a number of new competitors emerge in the next decade, making for an exciting time for bettors.

It’s just a matter of figuring out which of the countless sports you like to watch and wager on. In most sports, you will find a wagering market, even when the sport is not widely covered in the media. The most important thing is to have fun with your hobby!