As the new season kicks off, it’s now time to start getting your bets in. Knowing where to place your bets can be a tough decision but going for an online sportsbook seems to be one of the most popular methods nowadays. This could be thanks to the rise of technology or the fact that the pandemic forced more people inside and away from betting shops. Either way, online sports books like Midnite Betting are the way forward for sports. To help you with your bets this season, keep reading and discover all the odds for the Premier League 22/23 season!

Top 4 Predictions

The top 4 teams that are predicted this season are Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, and Chelsea. The odds for Manchester City and Liverpool are -163 and +275 respectively. Tottenham and Chelsea on the other hand are both at +1400. After losing to Man City last year, Liverpool is probably going to come back with a vengeance and work to destroy their opponents after being so close to glory. However, Man City are a strong team and is likely to push back, aiming for victory once again. After a successful last season, it’s not too out of the question to assume they’ll win their third EPL title in a row this season. The question on every Reds fan’s lips is can Liverpool outperform Man City this year. Desperate to counteract their disappointment last year, Liverpool is probably going to bring their A-game and try and go all the way to the top. Chelsea has previously won this title 5 times, so it’s not wrong to think that they could do it again. Tottenham is also drawing with Chelsea in regard to their odds. With their recent transfers making headlines, the signing of Richarlison and Bissouma could well be their key to success. They do already have two top world stars within their team as well by the names Heung-min Son and Harry Kane. So, who knows, Tottenham could surpass the other 3 and lead their club to victory.


A previously favourite club Manchester United currently have odds of +3300, so although they’re classed as the most successful club in English history, they’re not within the top 4. Man U haven’t actually won the Premier League since the 12/13 season, and manager after manager has all but succeeded to get them back to their former glory. However, new manager Erik ten Hag could be the driving force behind the former champions that restores their confidence and takes them all the way to the top. Although Arsenal is a popular team, they haven’t actually won the Premier League since 03/04. This is why their current odds are +5000 as it’s not likely that they’ll have what it takes to get to the top of the table this season either. It’s hard to predict how Arsenal are going to play as last season they won 22 times but lost a staggering 13 times. However, the Gunners do have youth on their side with numbers 7 to 11 all being aged 25 or younger. This might be just the sort of energy that they need to get them off the ground and climb back up to the top.

Ones To Watch

Although it’s unlikely that a team outside of the top 4 will win this season, there are still a few good teams that you should keep an eye on. Newcastle United currently have odds of +8000 but they do have one of the wealthiest owners in the world, allowing them to take advantage of expensive players and deals. Last term they also managed to defeat their opponents 12 out of 18 times, showing that they are able to play some serious football. With new recruits Nick Pope, Sven Botman, and Matt Targett, Newcastle could be in for an adventurous season. Leicester City is next with odds of +20,000, and after winning in 2016, it’s not unreasonable to consider them a contender even with the odds stacked against them. After their recent signings of Jamie Vardy and Youri Tielemans among others, Leicester City could make a surprising return. Aston Villa is often relegated and doesn’t often do that well. Their current odds are 25,000 but they do have quite an advanced team this season. Steven Gerrard is now managing the team and with Philippe Coutinho on board, they could actually make some headway this season and prove to the fans that they do have what it takes.

Although there are firm favourites to win the Premier League this season, that doesn’t mean there can’t be a shocking victory from an underdog or even the relegated Aston Villa. Realistically, the teams to beat are last year’s top two, Man City and Liverpool. So, if you’re thinking of getting your bets in, make sure you take this year’s odds into consideration. You might just win big!