Arsenal’s new signing, Fabio Vieira, has wasted no time in fitting in at the club and is already in a protective boot due to a foot injury.

Fabio Vieira (Photo via Arsenal Direct)
Fabio Vieira (Photo via Arsenal Direct)

On Friday, an image appeared on social media showing Fabio Vieira, snapped with a fan, as he sported a protective boot on his left foot.

Of course, we all immediately feared the worst, what with this being Arsenal, but the injury is, apparently, just a minor one.

What exactly it is has not yet been made clear, but with Arsenal’s opening friendly of pre-season only a week away now, I guess we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

The 22-year-old midfielder has only suffered one recorded injury during his career to date, a leg injury that kept him out for 12 days in June last year, when he was off, anyway.

He also spent a period of 10 days on the sidelines with Covid.

Beyond that, he thankfully does not seem to be injury prone, so let’s hope this is as minor as is being suggested.