Do you want to try creating your own business? Do you like to develop strategies, interact with clients, and increase profits? Then economic strategies and simulators on Game Karma will definitely please you!

Corporate Overlord

A great option for players who want to try their hand at an economic simulator, but are afraid of complex rules. A classic project with elements of construction offers to become the owner of the company and develop it, turning it into a large corporation.

Among the main tasks of the player is to establish stable production, introduce modern technologies into daily work and stay up to date with the wishes of customers. Thanks to the ease of management, you can immediately begin to implement your plans and not waste time learning the intricacies of mechanics.

Idle Airline Tycoon

One of the original representatives of the genre is the airline simulator. Here, the player is required to be attentive and consistent. To create the largest and most profitable airline corporation, you need to carefully plan every action and get rid of spontaneous decisions.

How to become the world’s leading air carrier? To do this, you need to monitor the condition of the aircraft, invest in new models, develop new flight routes, etc. Through the consistent implementation of the strategy, you will be able to increase the number of passengers and make more profit!

Pawn Boss

Another interesting option for economic games is the pawnshop simulator. The game not only became unique in its kind but also received many excellent reviews on specialized sites.

You are the owner of a pawnshop. During the game, you need to evaluate a variety of products, buy them at the best price for yourself, and then sell them to customers. At first glance, it may seem that making a fortune in this way is very simple. But do not forget about the possible risks and special circumstances that accompany each such purchase and sale.

Shopping Mall Tycoon

The classic and ever-popular economic game is the mall simulator. The project allows you to enjoy the development of strategies and implement the most incredible ideas to increase the popularity of your business.

In order to build shops and entertainment venues, you need to buy the respective territories. After they are in your possession, proceed to the implementation of global plans – construction, advertising, purchasing goods that are of interest to buyers, pricing, etc.

Pocket Tower

Simple rules, intuitive mechanics, ample opportunities – these are the features that attract players to the popular Pocket Tower project.

You are the owner of a multi-story building that houses shops, offices, entertainment venues, and other facilities. To get a decent profit and constantly develop your business, you need to do everything for the comfort of customers. Satisfied owners and their clients will help you get an impeccable reputation and will bring a stable profit. It is quite possible that over time one business center will turn into a real empire, which will become known throughout the world.