Football, since its creation, has been incredibly popular with the public.

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Thanks to the rise of the internet and the technology era, there are more ways than ever to engage with the game online. There is so much more you can do than simply watch the matches. If you are looking for more ways to engage with the sport online and grow your involvement with the sport, then read on to discover how.

Social Media

Obviously, social media is a great way to engage more with the sport. For example, you can follow your favourite players or clubs to gain more of an insight into what they do in their spare time. There are a lot of social media sites to choose from. However, Instagram and Twitter seem to be the best places to follow the players online to see what they are up to.

Online Games

A quick search online, and you will discover thousands of online football games. Within the genre, there are a lot of subsections to choose from, so you should be able to find something that speaks to you. The games can be a great way to interact with the sport in the online space. You can even find a community among the other players. You can swap tips or find multiplayer games that allow you to play against your friends. The games themselves can also teach you more about the sport too.

You can find a huge number of football games out there, and they aren’t all simply about the playing either. You can find games that allow you to play as a manager and deal with the more managerial or administrative side. You can choose to play as a player or swap between players to take on the whole team. As mentioned above, you can also find other players to play against or join their teams.


Gambling online is getting increasingly popular, and there are a lot of ways to do it, from playing casino games at this recommended site to betting online. In terms of engaging more with the sport, you can bet on the outcome of matches online. You can support your favourite team by betting on them to win the match, even better the sites are UK Gambling Commission regulated. There are a lot of ways to bet on a match besides simply picking a winner. For example, you can bet that a specific event within the game will occur before a certain time period, like a red card before the 44th minute or three goals before halftime, et cetera.

However, whenever it comes to mentioning gambling online or betting, it is also worth mentioning a few key ways to keep yourself and your money safe. First things first, you should never bet or wager more than you can afford to lose. You should also double-check that the sites that you are using are reputable. Set yourself limits on how much you want to bet and how long you want to play for and stick to them.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a great way to engage more with the sport online. You assume the role of manager, and you get to make up your squad of real-life players. By and large, your team will consist of 11 – but sometimes up to 15 – players. These players then represent your team. Over the weeks, you can score points, and that helps you to move up the league table. That being said, you do not have to play in a league; you can play alone or develop your own league with friends and family that you keep track of alone.

When it comes to fantasy football, there are a number of ways to score points. Firstly, if the players on your team play for their real-life team, then you can score a point – they need to start rather than come on as a sub to earn the points, though. You also score a point if a player on your team scores a goal. Defenders and goalkeepers on your team blocking the other team from scoring can also score you a point. Players on your fantasy football team earning assists can also score you a point, and finally, if a player on your team wins man of the match in real life, you can also score a point for your team.

Football Forums

There are a lot of forums online; a forum is an online space that holds discussions. The conversations are archived and can be added to or held over time, and unlike social media, they are geared towards specific purposes or topics. There are a lot of football forums online to choose from; you can find ones dedicated to certain leagues or teams with discussions held about matches or specific players. It is a great way to connect with other fans online and share your opinion.

Think about your favourite aspects of the game, your favourite players or your favourite teams and look for forums that reflect your interests. You can always start your own forum or your own discussion within the forum to more directly address your areas of interest to see whether there are other fans out there that also share said interests. The sense of community that these forums can create and instil in you can really help, especially if you feel isolated or struggle to make friends.

The Bottom Line

The reach that football has is incredible; people in some of the remotest parts of the world love the game and have a favourite team. It is one of the only sports that has the ability to paralyze entire countries that tune in, waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the match. The internet is a great resource, and if you are looking for more ways to engage with the game online, then there are a number of options available to you, from playing games online to making bets or joining a football forum.