An anonymous journalist, writing in Monday’ s Daily Mail, revealed that reporters were concerned that the ‘finest’ free food they normally get at Chelsea would be impacted by sanctions but were ‘delighted’ to find that it wasn’t.

Daily Mail Sports Agenda, Monday 14 March 2022
Daily Mail Sports Agenda, Monday 14 March 2022

The Daily Mail have a sports section that contains around half a page of what they call ‘Sports Agenda’. The writers of the snippets contained within are rarely identified but the section is edited by Mike Keegan.

Usually, it is full of interesting snippets that you don’t read in other newspapers, but on Monday morning, it contained one that shouldn’t have been read anywhere because the writer should have had some self-awareness to realise how embarrassing the whole thing is.

It said, “The Government gave Chelsea and Roman Abramovich just one minute’s notice before announcing the oligarch had been sanctioned on Thursday.

“Meanwhile, some of the terms of the licence — which appear to defeat the whole purpose by complicating any sale — have left some rubbing their heads and others rubbing their bellies.

“The latter was the case at Stamford Bridge yesterday, when members of the press pack who feared the media spread — one of the finest in the top flight — would be no more were delighted to see the usual pre-match fare.

“It turned out Chelsea had paid caterers in advance for the full season.”

Daily Mail Sports Agenda, Monday 14 March 2022
Daily Mail Sports Agenda, Monday 14 March 2022

When I was at school, I did work experience at a local newspaper. One of the days I was sent out with a photographer and the only thing he taught me that entire day was ‘take all the free stuff you can get’.

But that was a local paper.

These are journalists working for major UK titles.

Should they say no to the free food? Of course not, that’s not what I’m saying.

What I am saying is have some self-awareness to know that a pack of hacks worrying they aren’t going to be spoiled while they do their jobs is perhaps the least pressing issue when it comes to the impact of Russia invading Ukraine and killing innocent civilians and doesn’t actually deserve to be covered in a newspaper.