In your spare time you undoubtedly already place a lot of great bets. But as soon as the alarm goes off in the morning, your head is mainly focused on the work that awaits you! However, professional bettors don’t have that problem. In their lives, football is all that matters. Although the status of professional bettors also takes them all over the world and they get the chance to meet interesting people. Would you like a life full of football betting, beautiful trips and exclusive parties? Who knows, you might even succeed in becoming the next successful professional bettor!

What It Takes To Make It as a Professional Bettor?

You may have already had some modest successes as a football bettor. But that doesn’t automatically mean you’re ready to leave recreational status behind and start working as a professional bettor. Your life as a professional football bettor only has a chance of success if you possess a number of important qualities. First of all, you have to be very stress-resistant. You are financially dependent on betting on football, so you are basically playing with your own salary. That realization can really boost the stress level, especially if you lose a few bets in a row. At that moment it is important that you continue to work focused on your goal and that you do not get lost in all kinds of emotions.

Because how useful is it to bet money on the Champions League if you notice that the odds are on the low side? Perhaps it is much smarter to ignore that big football tournament and focus on the smaller competitions. These kinds of competitions are less interesting for the real football fan, but that doesn’t matter to you. As a professional bettor, you have come to make a profit. 

Professional betting is a matter of hard work

The life of a professional punter appeals to many football fans. Maybe you are one of them. If you also find out that you have all the important qualities, then it seems only a matter of time before you can quit your job and focus 100% on football betting. However? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that easily. Even if you are stress-resistant and focused and you can easily switch off your emotions, the successful life of a football bettor does not just come to you. You have to work hard to achieve those first big successes and then maintain that upward trend.

Despite that, sometimes losing is part of it. You really have to be able to accept that when you start your career as a professional football bettor. 

Developing Strategies With a Long-term View

Professional betting is about more than just gathering information. It is also important that you work out a few betting strategies that work perfectly for you. This gives you something to hold on to so that you can make good decisions even in the most stressful moments. Dive into smart betting strategies like sure bets and the 79-minute strategy. By the time you are ready to call yourself a “professional football bettor”, you will also have enough knowledge and experience to make a value bet. Value betting is all about estimating the odds perfectly. If you expect Ajax to have a 39% chance of winning the match, then the odds should be (100/39 =) 2.56 according to your calculation. If the bookmaker offers more, you know that you should not let this great opportunity pass you by.

There are many betting strategies that can be a good guideline for your football betting. Some of these strategies help you find the right bet, while others focus on how you distribute your bankroll. Bankroll management is in any case an essential factor for anyone who is serious about betting on football. You should think carefully about your betting budget, maximum loss and the size of your bet. Spreading is of great importance. This brings us directly to the next point: as a professional bettor, earning money quickly is not for you. You prefer to focus on the long term so that your bankroll grows steadily. Dreaming of that one big hit is something that professional football bettors just don’t do. They know that they have to keep a cool head and use it wisely. All these strategies you should try at online non Gamstop football betting platforms.

A Professional Bettor Is Not Afraid To Adjust His Style!

Losing is part of betting on football, that is no different for a professional bettor. But with all the experience they have and by thinking carefully about every step they take, they can limit the risk of loss. A professional football bettor also knows that there is no reason to panic if things do not go well for a while. Of course, that does not mean that they always stick to the strategy they follow. If you choose a life as a professional bettor, then you should not be afraid to adjust things. Set aside some time regularly to take a critical look at your playing style and see if any adjustments are necessary.

Calculating ROI helps you track week after week whether your bets are really as profitable as you think. In addition, you need to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of football betting. This is the only way to maintain that successful status that you have so carefully built up in the future. 

Take Your Time To Develop Into a Real Top Gambler

It should be clear that life as a professional football bettor is not as luxurious and glamorous as you might think beforehand. It’s all about hard work and complete dedication. Only then do you have a chance of success. Do you still see life as a professional bettor? Then wait a little longer before quitting your job and dedicating your life to football betting. A few years ago, it was researched how big the chance is that you can actually make a living from betting on football. And those numbers are pretty sobering. Even of the people who in theory have everything, only about 3% manage to make a living entirely from betting. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t be part of that 3%! As long as you know that it takes time to develop into a professional football bettor.