Since its debut in 1886, The Arsenal Football Club has gradually developed a strong following across the world. We often refer to Arsenal fans as Gooners, a term coined from the team’s nickname, The Gunners.

football maniaThere are numerous fanzines, podcasts, blogs, and fanbase websites dedicated to the club. Gooners hold long-standing rivalries with other leading clubs. With many Arsenal fans doubling as online gambling fans, there are numerous football-themes gambling games.

Below are some of the best virtual gambling games for Arsenal fans:

Football Mania

This game simulates the average football match. Football Mania features classic themes and awards a myriad of bonuses and winning possibilities. Its background is typically a football pitch and a stadium filled to the brim with excited fans.

Winning symbols in Football Mania include a referee, football boots, and a hat. Though there are more symbols, these three are the most common. If you are looking for bigger rewards, you should aim to match the goalkeeper with a combination of a few other symbols.

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Ultimate Dream Team

This online slot by Push Gaming is slightly old school but still quite something among football enthusiasts. Some of the Ultimate Dream team symbols are football stars, but most are letters.

Some of the real-world football lookalikes in the game are those of stars such as Manuel Neuer and Cristiano Ronaldo. With five reels and 25 fixed paylines, Ultimate Dream Team offers enough winning possibilities.

With Ultimate Dream Team, you might not always win real money, but there are numerous free spins and bonuses to be won. If you are lucky enough to match the Golden shirt scatter thrice, that will automatically trigger a feature that reveals one of the unique players in the game.

Matching the manager scatters wins you a 12-man team, and each man has a specific coin prize. Matching the Ronaldo avatar wins you up to 800X the initial bet amount.

Football Star

A five-reel slot title by Microgaming. Football Star was designed and released during the Brazilian 2014 World Cup. With low wager amounts and about 243 ways to win, the game is built for dedicated football fans.

Football Star allows you to place wagers as low as $0.5, and the maximum bet amount is $50. In addition, the game has an impressive 97% RTP. The Return to Player rate refers to the win amount that the game releases to players in the long run.

The low wager amount coupled with an interesting storyline and great graphics is what keeps players hooked on Football Star. Common symbols include football boots, football stars’ avatars, and a referee.

To bring out the real-world football experience, every Football Star winning is celebrated the way football fans celebrate a goal scored. Football Star is among the most popular online casino game among football fans with numerous football features.


The game was designed and released to pay homage to a popular UK magazine “Shoot” in the 70s and 80s. Shoot! is a great classic gambling game with several football stars of the day. While the game’s aesthetics might not be as advanced, the storyline still screams nostalgia.

Some of the stars featured in Shoot! include icons of Brazilian Pele and Diego Maradona. The game’s minimum wager is capped at $0.5, while the maximum wager amount stands at $150. Like most games, matching the scatter symbols will trigger a free spins bonus.

Football: Champions Cup

This game was designed under the inspiration of the 2016 Euro Tournament. You will come across Football: Champions Cup in virtually every reputable online casino. Being one of the titles under the NetEnt game library, the game features impeccable graphics and lucrative bonuses.

Football: Champions Cup revives and simulates the Euro Games in a virtual casino setting. The game’s background is a packed stadium. The stimulated pitch feels real, and so does the blue sky, that you will confuse playing the game with attending a live match.

With 20 paylines and five reels, Football: Champions Cup offers numerous winning possibilities. Taking shots and scoring goals in the simulated penalty shootout earns you bonuses that can be multiplied 16X. Saving penalties will also win you real money or bonuses.

Winning occurs when specific symbols match. The game’s storyline will take you through a four-round tournament, further simulating a real championship. The more you advance into the storyline, the better the chances of winning greater prizes.

Football Girls

One might think that Football Girls is a casino game that celebrates female football stars, but that’s not quite the case. This game celebrates the beautiful women who grace football stadiums occasionally. Those that come dressed in sassy clothes or national teams’ jerseys.

Football Girls takes it a bit over the top by using women clad in a sexualized manner. Like most games, it features 30 paylines and five reels. Football Girls reels are adjustable, and the minimum bet amount is $0.5.

Matching three symbols will grow your winning 10X, while matching five symbols grows your wager amount 10,000X.

With the need for sexy women is a casino game declining, the chances of coming across this title are low. However, the storyline is still a gem among most football fans.

Football Fever

The game features familiar football characters designed by Saucify during the 2018 FIFA Soccer World Cup. The characters play different roles in the game, often triggering wins and bonuses. The major feature is a free spins bonus round that awards you 10 free spins and doubles all your winnings.

Football Fever is readily available to everyone because it comes with a very low minimum deposit and wager amount. As an additional perk, you are awarded three Bonus Bet levels linked to a bunch of Random Wilds.

Super Bet 3, 2, and 1 could appear on the third reel, reels 2 to 4, or all five reels, based on your luck. The Penalty Series is triggered whenever three or more special symbols show in the reels in one row.

You and your opponents will have three attempts to land the ball behind the goalkeeper’s back while still defending your net. This way, you can easily multiply your score up to 5X. If you happen to be ahead of your competition, you will get an extra batch of 40 rounds to enjoy the game for free.