Artificial Intelligence is changing the sports betting industry as we know it. Not only can you bet on a live match, but you could wager on just about anything. You could predict how long it takes Arsenal to score its first goal against Spurs.

AI betting
AI betting

Or you could predict the player to score first. You can also predict the number of corners, yellow cards and injuries in a match. As mentioned, these advancements are mainly possible thanks to AI.

While this happens, critics can’t help but wonder how AI-powered sports bets will impact the future of football.

Attracting More Bettors

Imagine if you had an algorithm that told you all the games Arsenal will win this season, the goal margins and scorers. This is what AI-centered betting algorithms are doing.

You would probably invite more of your friends to try the algorithm, even if it’s for a small fee. Logically, AI prediction algorithms can get more people into football betting, but only if they are accurate.

Lots of people quit betting every year because they lose more than they win. And others never give betting a shot before they’re afraid of losing. In light of that information, AI betting algorithms could be the missing link needed to elevate sports betting to the next level.

Lowering the Barrier for Entry

Today, you need a great depth of football knowledge to predict matches correctly. AI could change this aspect of betting. Sooner or later, betting will be a past time for anyone who wants to make money even if they are not avid sports fans.

Think of online casino games. You don’t need to be a professional gambler to win at a slot machine. All you need is to join the best legit online casino, find a top-rated slot, roulette or blackjack game and play it.

Thanks to AI prediction algorithms, betting will be straightforward regardless of your chosen league. You could wake up and decide to be on Colombian football. And even if you’re not familiar with it, AI will guide on which predictions to pick and win.

An AI Betting Assistant Like Siri

AI assistants are gaining traction worldwide. Google, Amazon and Apple’s chat assistants are the most popular chatbots so far. But who’s to say we can’t have an AI assistant for punters?

Presently, AI prediction sites ask you to pick a league to get assistance. In five years, the process could be as simple as posing a question to an AI assistant. Precisely, you could ask the bot who between Martinelli and Saka will nab player of the month award.

The benefits of AI betting assistants will be tremendous. For starters, they could reduce the workload required to make a successful prediction. You won’t have to worry about match records, past meetings and forms.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms will do the heavy lifting. And in turn, they will guide you on what to predict. The best part: you can trust these predictions to be correct.

Instant Betting

Presently, betting on football takes a lot of time, especially for pre-match betting. You need to take a seat and spend an hour analyzing two teams or players before you pick a winner.

With AI betting algorithms, betting will be an instant activity. You see, these programs are so advanced that they take a fraction of a minute to pick a winner. The only thing you might do is to answer a few questions to let the program know what you want to bet on.

In all fairness, it might take years before we see a betting algorithm with 100% accuracy. That’s because football can be incredibly unpredictable even for a machine.

All the same, an algorithm that could pick a winner with 70% accuracy would be highly appreciated. Most tipsters are much less accurate, with many of them losing more times than they win.

Less Reliance on Human Tipsters

As you can guess, more and more people will turn to computer tipsters once they prove more reliable than humans. But don’t rule out human tipsters out just yet. They might still have a role to play in the industry.

For example, tipsters could compare the accuracy of different betting algorithms. They could onboard newcomers and share their predictions to compare them with computer programs.

That being said, the relevance of human tipsters will highly depend on the success of AI prediction systems. If they prove to prediction matches correctly, people will embrace them quickly. If they’re unsuccessful, then people will continue to rely on human tipsters.

More Detailed Analysis

Let’s face it. Most of us only focus on one aspect of betting. You can concentrate on money line to predict the winner in a game. Or you could pay attention to totals to predict the number of goals in a game.

AI betting algorithms could change how people bet for good. With an algorithm as your assistant, you don’t have to specialize in handicaps or totals. You can let the algorithm analyze everything about an Arsenal match. Then you could decide what to bet on.

Detailed analysis is can be a gamechanger for professional gamblers. That’s because you can use algorithms to enhance your skills. Let’s say a program explains why Smith Rowe and not Lacazette is likely to score the first goal.

Then you don’t need to waste much time doing the same analysis. Instead, you can focus on the totals and maximize your potential profits.

Real-time Analytics

One of the biggest impacts of AI betting is already happening. Leading EPL teams have been using wearables to track players’ data in real time. Liverpool is a great example.

The reds use wearables to track every aspect of their players in specific matches. While the team uses big data to improve performance, this data could soon be used to improve sports betting.

Imagine if you could discover nearly every sports-related data about Arsenal players in real time—heart rate, speed, chances, attempts, and minute by minute predictions from a bot. You win rate in betting could improve drastically.