Arsenal have had three matches moved for TV while Premier League clubs have voted to update the regulations around when a Premier League match can be postponed.

what channel is arsenal on
Arsenal on TV

Arsenal have had another three matches moved for TV coverage.

Those matches are:

Watford vs Arsenal

Sunday, March 6 (originally Saturday, March 5)
Kick off: 2pm
TV: Sky Sports

Arsenal vs Leicester City

Sunday, March 13 (originally Saturday, March 12)
Kick off: 4.30pm
TV: Sky Sports

Aston Villa vs Arsenal

Saturday, March 19
Kick off: 12.30pm (originally 3pm)
TV: BT Sport

New Premier League postponement rules

Mail on Sunday
Mail on Sunday

All clubs from the Premier League also met and agreed that a club must have at least four Covid positives before they can request a postponement of any games.

This comes as a direct result of the uproar whipped up by the media.

The Premier League announced, “From now on, if a club applies to postpone a match on the grounds of insufficient players due to COVID-19, they must have a minimum of four positive cases within their squad.

“This guidance will come into effect ahead of the next Premier League fixture on Saturday 5 February (Burnley v Watford).”

For the record, Arsenal played Brentford on the opening day with four players out with Covid.

When they played Chelsea the following week, they had five.

There was no crying to change rules everyone had agreed to after either of those games.

The Premier League have also updated their guidance on fan requirements for entry into games.

You will no longer be required to show a vaccine passport nor a negative lateral flow result.