The primary concern for many people about AI is that it will replace them in their workplace. From gaming to online customer service, artificial intelligence never seems to cease amazing us. For instance, AI is used in the gambling industry to enhance user experience and improve gaming graphics for games like blackjack. Now another AI debate has started flaring up, but this time around, it is not just the physical jobs, which are at threat. 

However, some people are not worried at all about AI taking their jobs. They do know that eventually, new jobs will emerge for them to jump into. Besides, some reports say that what artificial intelligence lacks is what human beings are at best: creativity.  

AI has always raised difficult questions about the role of humans in the automated world. Recently, AI has proved again that it can not only be a problem solver or manage human interactions but can as well create world-class art. As a result, this has sparked debate on whether AI can really produce art. 

What is Artificial Intelligence Art?

AI art is any artwork created autonomously by artificial intelligence or works in collaboration with AI and a human. In short, it is a new clever way of creating artwork by using clever algorithms. Normally, humans create art to express their feelings, emotions, or ideas. However, according to some popular opinions, art developed by artificial intelligence is certainly not art or creative at all.

As a result, the story about AI and art takes the world by storm and has raised several idealistic questions. Some are wondering whether, since AI is programmed by humans if it can also be creative as a human being. What’s more, who can be named as the author of the art? Is it the algorithm itself or the team behind it? For others, it seems like a big threat to the traditional art genre. 

Obvious AI and Art

Obvious is a company working together with a group of artists who are using AI to replicate creativity. Some of their artworks include La Famille De Belamy, Electric Dreams of Ukiyo, and Energy of the Earth. All of these projects are made with artificial intelligence and include several arts, which displays how far AI creativity can go. 

Combining art, AI tools, and other technologies such as 3D printing or virtual reality will certainly broaden the artist’s creativity. A good example of an AI art from Obvious is the Portrait of Edmond Belamy, which recently was sold for an astounding $432,500. This piece was generated using a generative adversarial network (GAN), which is an AI-neural network developed by Obvious.

Other Good Examples of AI Art

Below is a variety of artworks created by artists from different backgrounds with AI-generated networks. 

  1. Memo Akten: A visionary AI artist uses intelligence to reflect on how humans make sense of the world. A great example of his work is called “Deep Meditations.” 
  2. Sougwen Chung: An-award winning artist who likes to use her hands, robots, and AI to create works of art.
  3. Refik Anadol: He is a Turkish AI artist who uses machine learning (ML) to come up with interactive AI projects.

So Will AI Art Gain Popularity?

AI will probably be your next creative partner, which if we collaborate, we can produce beautiful pieces of work. Besides, it has started gaining popularity all over the world. However, experts think that the field is still in its infancy stage but can take us to the next great art movement in the future.