Gabriel has been speaking to the Daily Mail and has touched on his dream for the future, his best moment as an Arsenal player and why Arsenal were a bit rubbish at the start of the season.

Gabriel interview Daily Mail 2 October 2021
Gabriel interview Daily Mail 2 October 2021

Arsenal, as we know, did not begin the season well.

Although they were handed a tough start with games against Chelsea, Manchester City and a Brentford side that wanted to announced its arrival in the Premier League in the opening game, there seemed little to get excited about.

There seemed to be nothing in the performances that fans could point to as a sign that things were finally changing.

Then, against Spurs last weekend, it was if two years of secret training was unleashed at once and Mikel Arteta’s men went from looking completely and utterly clueless to tearing Tottenham another new one.

“We dominated,” Gabriel told Sportsmail, as he thought back to last weekend and Arsenal’s victory over Spurs.

“Perfect in every action, and it makes us confident for the rest of the season.

“It was one of my most special days as an Arsenal player. We have to keep focused like this, maintaining the dedication to our tactics.”

So what went wrong at the start of the season, when Arsenal were so poor? “We couldn’t find the perfect chemistry at the beginning of this season,” Gabriel added.

“But we were sure that we were putting a lot of good work into it.

“We have delivered consistent games in the last three matches, won all of them and we are positive we will keep it going.

“We just have to keep it rolling.

“Our group are very strong and the coaching staff are doing a great job. We have a core of young players and new players have gone into the mix as well.

“This is one of the top clubs in Europe and playing here is a dream come true.

“I am happy and honoured to wear the shirt and every day here helps me get closer to my dreams.

“Our squad is very strong, young players with a lot of potential, and we truly believe we will achieve a lot.

“The main goal is to evolve as a team so the individual talents of the great players come out in every game.

“That’s what winning against Tottenham was about. it showed what we can do and what we can achieve throughout this season and on to the next ones.”

While playing for Arsenal is one of Gabriel’s dreams, it’s not his only one “To be called up by Brazil is one of my main goals,” said Gabriel.

“It has been a dream since I was a kid — that makes me give my best in training and in games.”