Shkodran Mustafi’s shirt debacle at Levante seems to have been sorted out with La Liga registering the player with his preferred number after refusing to do so.

Shkodran Mustafi via Levante
Shkodran Mustafi via Levantemustafi

Shkodran Mustafi signed for Levante late in the window and, when he arrived, they decided to give him the number 13 shirt.

The first problem, however, is that in Spain 13 is only supposed to be used on a goalkeeper’s shirt.

The second problem was that Aitor Fernandez, a goalkeeper, had already used that number this season before being handed the number one shirt and La Liga aren’t supposed to allow shirt number changes during the season.

But, as they say, rules are meant to be broken and that’s what Levante did, confident they would win out.

It was a confidence that seems well placed.

After refusing to list him on the La Liga website, Shkodran Mustafi is now there, listed as Levante’s number 13.

Aitor Fernandez has changed to number 1.

Levante defenders via La Liga
Levante defenders via La Liga
Levante goalkeepers vis La Liga
Levante goalkeepers vis La Liga

Levante play Rayo Vallecano at 5.30pm (UK) so we should get a better idea then, but as all the reports from Spain were based on the La Liga website NOT listing Mustafi, I think the fact that he is now listed means it has all been sorted out and those rules now mean nothing.

Quite why they’d want to tempt fate by giving Mustafi a number like 13 is another discussion altogether…