Amazon probably couldn’t have picked a better season for drama than this one for their Arsenal ‘All or Nothing’ documentary, but it seems some might prefer it if the cameras weren’t there.

Martin Odegaard after signing for Arsenal on a permanent deal (Photo via
Martin Odegaard after signing for Arsenal on a permanent deal (Photo via

When Arsenal agreed to allow Amazon unfettered access to Mikel Arteta and his squad, they didn’t feel they needed to ask Arteta how distracting that might be. They just saw the potential to make some money and went for it.

Speaking to the media, Martin Odegaard, touched on the issue while the rest of us were paying attention to deadline day.

“I must admit that it’s not my favourite thing to have cameras everywhere,” he said.

“You automatically think a bit more about what you are saying when there are cameras there, but the crew is discreet.”

Mikel Arteta was involved with Amazon’s first foray into this kind of programme making, when he was at City. “I experienced it a few years ago when I was at Man City and we are going to help as much as possible, for everybody to see what this club means and how things are done at the football club,” the Spaniard told Goal.

“[We will] be as transparent as we can to show the values, integrity, passions and where we are trying to drive this football club. Hopefully, it is a perfect year to show that.

“We need to make it happen. It is down to us to try to produce the best piece that we can, so everybody can feel part of what we do and our fans can be proud of what we do.”