Vinai Venkatesham has been reappointed to the Executive Board of the European Club Association after his resignation earlier this year.

Vinai Venkatesham
Vinai Venkatesham

After being promoted to the Executive Board in March, Venkatesham handed in his resignation a month-and-a-half later as Arsenal set off on their disastrous 24-hour European Super League project.

Now, he has been elected back on to the board:

The Executive Board is expected to met again in November after the 26th ECA General Assembly took place this week.

At the Assembly, the European Club Association chairman, Nasser Al Khelaifi, PSG’s President and CEO, said as part of his address, “I will not spend much time talking about the 18th of April, and the “not-so-Super League” because I do not like to focus on fabulists and failures.

“Together, we defended the interests of European football for everyone – for the players, the Clubs, the Leagues, the National Associations, and most of all, the fans.  We relied on the resolve and strength of President Ceferin, who stood up to the midnight coup – and people with short memories should remember that this is exactly what it was.  You all should know, that President Ceferin was confident from the start.

“We spoke early in the morning on the 18th of April, and he said, “we will win”.  And we did.  Thank you, President Čeferin.

“And while the three rebel-Clubs [Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus who have not yet resigned from the ESL] waste energies, twist narratives and continue to shout at the sky, the rest of us are moving forward and focusing every energy on building a better future for European football – together as one.

“As you know, for the nine clubs who asked to come back into our family, the ECA Board has re-integrated them into our structures with renewed commitments to strengthen our Association.

“I welcome them back to the ECA-family.”