Arsenal’s pre-season is nearly upon us so where can you watch Arsenal’s pre-season games in Scotland, Florida and London?

Where can I watch Arsenals pre-season games?
Where can I watch Arsenal’s pre-season games?

Arsenal will be streaming all of their pre-season games in July live and exclusively on Arsenal player, but it could cost you £27.99.

Where can I watch Arsenal’s pre-season games in Scotland?

The four Arsenal pre-season games detailed above will be available to all red, silver, purple, cannon and junior members, as well as season tickets holders who have renewed, but they will need to redeem a code, emailed by Arsenal, before July 13, otherwise they will be required to pay.

Should you wish to purchase all four of these Arsenal pre-season games they will cost a disgraceful £27.99. For the two matches in Scotland on their own, it will cost £14.99 or you can buy them individually for £7.99.

Where can I watch Arsenal’s pre-season games in the Florida Cup?

  • July 25th – Inter Milan (N)
  • July 28th – Everton/Millonarios (N)

If you are able to get tickets to attend the Florida Cup, you will be expected to pay $45 (£32.50) for their first match against Inter Milan on Day 1.

Day two will cost $40.

These matches will be screened live by Arsenal in the UK but you cannot buy a two-game pass just for this tournament, nor can you buy the games individually.

Arsenal also cannot show the games outside of the UK, so those around the world will need to find out which channels have the rights which has not been announced at the time of writing.

Where can I watch Arsenal’s pre-season games in The Mind Series?

  • August 1st – Chelsea (H)
  • August 8th – Tottenham Hotspur (A)

Details on tickets or TV coverage have yet to be announced.