Mat Ryan has had surgery on a knee cartilage injury just weeks after leaving Arsenal and joining Real Sociedad from Brighton.

Mat Ryan via Real Sociedad
Mat Ryan via Real Sociedad

Posting on Twitter on Tuesday morning, Mat Ryan confirmed his knee surgery is complete, and he’s hoping to get back out on the pitch in a few weeks.

Real Sociedad had previously confirmed Ryan’s injury, explaining that he twisted his knee in training and suffered a cartilage injury. He’s expected to spend four-to-six weeks out.

Sky Sports reported in June that Arsenal were initially one of the clubs interested in signing Ryan, following his loan spell in North London that only ended at the start of this month. But it seems the Gunners didn’t follow up that interest.

Instead, the goalkeeper returned to Brighton and subsequently agreed terms with Real Sociedad, who formally unveiled him a couple of weeks ago. He was clearly keen to push through a move quickly rather than risking being stuck in the Brighton reserves.

It’s a shame that the transfer was so quickly followed by an injury, but Real Sociedad are a good club and Ryan seems determined to get back on his feet as soon as possible.