Set-piece coach Andreas Georgson has left Arsenal after less than a year, saying it was ‘tough to leave’, but that he did not hesitate when this Malmö opportunity arose.

Andreas Georgson (L) and Daniel Andersson with Malmo (Photo via
Andreas Georgson (L) and Daniel Andersson with Malmo (Photo via 5 juli 2021 i Malmö.
Foto: Christian Örnberg / BILDBYRÅN / COP 166 / CO0089

Andreas Georgson joined Arsenal in September 2020 after leaving his role at Brentford as their Head of Set Pieces and Individual Development.

Georgson handed in his resignation at Arsenal a month ago but is still at the club’s disposal for pre-season, despite being appointed to the role of Sports Manager at Malmö, working under Sports Director Daniel Andersson.

Georgson worked with extensively Malmö previously and the Swede also has experience of bringing youngsters through clubs, although his free-kick expertise grabs all the headlines.

“This job rhymes with a lot of what I think is fun,” Georgson told Fotbollskanalen. “The people I get to do it with, I already know that I will be challenged by, but also enjoy working with.

“It’s tough to leave. In part, Mikel Arteta showed great faith in me when he took me in from Brentford – that process was not entirely easy to take me from there. To take me from the environment where I thrived to Arsenal instead.

“He has invested part of his trust and time for me to get into the job there – and to leave after a year are shared feelings of course

“I enjoyed myself very much with the staff and the squad, I felt good there. There is no reason why I should leave there out of sheer well-being or lack of motivation. We had a good time together.”

Speaking when he joined Brentford in 2019, Georgson said, “I have worked at Malmö FF for 14 years and have had several positions at the club: Head of Youth Scouting, Head of Methodology in the academy, Under-17 Head Coach and, for the last two years, Assistant Coach for the first team.

“I will finish the season with Malmo but then I am really looking forward to joining the team at Brentford in November and fighting for promotion to the Premier League over the coming years.”

He didn’t quite make it to a year before Mikel Arteta convinced him to join Arsenal, where he didn’t quite make it to a year there, either.

“I have enjoyed and learned a lot during my seasons at Brentford and Arsenal,” Georgson said.

“But when this opportunity arose, I did not hesitate for a second that it is the right place for me to be.”