Daniel Ek is ready to make a second takeover bid for Arsenal, after seeing his first offer of £1.8bn knocked back by the Kroenkes.

Daniel Ek Spotify
Daniel Ek Spotify

The Daily Mail report that Daniel Ek is readying a second bid for Arsenal, this time of over £2bn. The Swedish billionaire is adamant that he’s sticking around to get a deal done, sooner or later.

The Mail add that an offer of an extra £300m on top of the original £1.8bn bid “may well test the Kroenkes’ resolve”, despite their insistence that the club isn’t for sale.

In mid-May, Ek released a statement to confirm that he had made his first offer for Arsenal to Josh Kroenke and their bankers. At the time, he received the response that they “don’t need the money”.

Ek’s plan was backed by Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and Patrick Vieira, and the billionaire also met with the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust to assure them of plans to make the role of fans central to their proposals.

A self-described Arsenal fan himself, Ek is automatically more popular with the supporters than the Kroenkes, who are often viewed as uncaring about the club’s fortunes. Whether that would actually make Ek a better owner is up for debate.