Bruno Mazziotti will leave Arsenal this summer, according to a report, having joined less than a year ago from Paris Saint-Germain.

Bruno Mazziotti with Arsenal (Photo via Charles Watts on Twitter)
Bruno Mazziotti with Arsenal (Photo via Charles Watts on Twitter)

Former PSG coach Bruno Mazziotti joined Arsenal from Paris Saint-Germain’s medical and performance team less than a year ago, but Goal report that he’s already on the way out.

Mazziotti joined on a short-term contract towards the end of 2020, but Arsenal have decided not to renew his deal. As a result, he said his goodbyes to the squad on Saturday.

The ex-PSG man reportedly proved divisive, with his methods causing issues with the existing staff at Arsenal.

Mazziotti was popular with the Arsenal fans, largely because the club had a good run on the injury front earlier this year. How much that was actually down to Mazziotti is unclear, and the injury luck seemed to run out over the last month anyway.

The more worrying aspect is simply that this is yet another staffing change. Whether Mazziotti specifically was the right man for the job is neither here nor there, the fact we seem to be losing and gaining key staff members constantly is concerning.

You’d hope that if Arsenal were making the right hires in the first place, they wouldn’t need to replace everyone a year or two after they join – or even sooner in this case. It would be nice if Mazziotti’s replacement lasts a bit longer.