Arsenal and the rest of the big six will be hit with ‘huge’ fines by the Premier League over their Super League breakaway attempt, according to a report.

The European Super League - Arsenal
The European Super League – Arsenal

The Telegraph report that the six English clubs to attempt to join the European Super League last month will be fined substantially by the Premier League.

In order to actually have an impact on the six clubs, the fines will be ‘significant’. The league wishes to make clear the seriousness of the offence in the eyes of the other 14 shareholders and executives.

The good news is that there won’t be a points deduction. The Premier League’s legal team are purely working on a swift financial punishment. It’s not yet clear whether the fine will be payable immediately or deducted from future broadcast income.

The Telegraph state that the six clubs broke Premier League rule L9, which requires shareholders to gain written approval from the Premier League to join any new competition. They’ll also face action from UEFA who have fined the clubs £7m.

Fortunately, Josh Kroenke has already pledged that KSE will cover “all outside costs related to the Super League” and added that “the club is not incurring anything”. This has to include the Premier League’s fine if KSE want to avoid becoming even more unpopular.