Lucas Torreira wants to move to Boca Juniors, they want to sign him and Arsenal are willing to let him go for a cut price, but that still won’t help as the Argentinian side don’t have the cash for a move.

Lucas Torreira at the airport (Photo via Torreira on Instagram)
Lucas Torreira at the airport (Photo via Torreira on Instagramr

If I’m honest, I am rather sick of this.

Every year, we have to listen to a number of Greek and Turkish sides yammer on about how they want to sign this Arsenal player and that one, all without ever having the cash to stump up a reasonable fee.

Now, here we are again with Boca Juniors, who want to make Lucas Torreira their star signing but can’t get close to the reduced price of £15m that Arsenal want for him.

Arsenal paid £26m for Torreira and, while his value has dipped to £19.6m after a peak of £40.5m in the summer of 2019, £15m represents a significant reduction in price.

One of the many problems here is that Torreira has said he wants to leave Europe, wiping out any chance Arsenal might have had of a bidding war to drive his price up.

There are now talks of a loan move although TN reports that there are currently no negotiations taking place.

In all probability, Torreira’s wages will also be an issue.

He currently earns £75kpw/£3.9m-a-year. The highest-paid player at Boca is on £55k-per-MONTH (Guillermo Fernandez) which is a very misleading figure when it comes to the overall wage structure at the club. That works out at around £12.7kpw and makes Fernandez the only player at the club earning over £10kpw.

Their next best-paid player, Gonzalo Maroni, earns around £4.6kpw while third on their payroll is Franco Soldano who earns £2.76kpw.

After that, no player earns more than £1.6kpw, and those two players are also outliers with most earning less in a year than Torreira makes per week at Arsenal.