Lucas Torreira has once again publicly reiterated his desire to leave Arsenal for Boca Juniors, suggesting a loan move this summer.

Lucas Torreira in training with Arsenal (Photo via Arsenal on Twitter)
Lucas Torreira in training with Arsenal (Photo via Arsenal on Twitter)

It’s no secret that Lucas Torreira wants to leave Arsenal this summer to return to South America. After the death of his mother due to a Covid-19 infection, the player admitted he immediately decided he wanted to go back to his home continent.

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Arsenal’s stance on the situation is particularly unclear right now. But speaking on the Perfil Bulos YouTube channel this week, Torreira stated his desires once again and put forward the possibility of an initial loan move.

“I want to go to Boca Juniors now,” Torreira said. “I am 25 years old and I know it’s a club that plays for great targets. I’d like to make the fans happy… but I know it’s not easy. Boca should reach an agreement with Arsenal for a one-year loan.”

You can understand why Torreira is suggesting a loan. He knows Boca aren’t the richest club in the world, and they’d likely struggle to afford even Arsenal’s reasonable £15m asking price to bring him in permanently.

The problem is that there’s so little benefit to Arsenal. Other than compassion and maybe game-time, it’s almost impossible to see anything that would motivate the club to loan the midfielder to Boca.

It was a different story last summer, when Arsenal knew a sale would be difficult in the Covid market.

At that point, they hoped that a positive loan spell with Atletico Madrid would raise Torreira’s profile for a good sale this summer or even reintegration with Mikel Arteta’s squad. The reality is that he hasn’t played much, but it was worth a shot at least.

This summer, a loan to Boca would do nothing but run Torreira’s deal down to its final year while he plays his football far away from the eyes of Europe’s richer teams.

So unless the Argentine club can provide the financial incentive themselves, with a big loan fee and the promise of covering his wages in full (spoiler alert: they can’t), it’s just not an option Arsenal are going to find appealing.