After Sunday night’s news about the creation of a new European Super League, what happens to Arsenal’s current Europa League campaign?

Slavia Prague v Arsenal, UEFA Europa League Quarter-final 2nd Leg, Football, Sinobo Stadium, Prague, Czech Republic – 15 Apr 2021. Copyright: Gabriel Kuchta / BPI / Shutterstock

Arsenal were one of 12 clubs to announce their intended participation in a European Super League over the weekend. This would have serious consequences for football as we know it, but many fans will wonder what it means for this season.

After all, Arsenal reached the Europa League semi-final just last week. Immediately after the news broke, there were some rumours the competition would be suspended, or the ‘founding clubs’ (Arsenal included) might be expelled.

But this is reportedly not the case. According to a number of journalists including Rob Harris and Francesco Porzio, UEFA has not suspended the Europa League – even on a temporary basis.

I wouldn’t expect them to either. These games are the TV broadcasters’ big money-makers, UEFA will want them to go ahead as long as that’s possible. They won’t want to screw up their contracts with sponsors either.

One key reason Arsenal have been so keen to win the Europa League is to qualify for the Champions League. If the European Super League replaces the Champions League, that’s obviously no longer a factor.

However, the European Super League proposals haven’t made any claims about when the new competition will start. They’ve only written that it will commence “as soon as practicable”. That may not be for years yet.

As a result, it’s safest for Arsenal to continue to try and qualify for European competition next season, just in case.