The organisers of the European Super League have already held early discussions with broadcasters over rights for the competition, with various streaming platforms involved.

European Super League
European Super League

With Arsenal set to be involved in the European Super League, the Financial Times report that the competition organisers have held early talks over the competition with broadcasters, according to those familiar with the talks.

The organisers are trying to strike deals with the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Disney, and Sky for up to €4bn a year, double what the Champions League currently earns.

They believe this is realistic given the increased number of games and specifically the fact that more matches will be played between the biggest clubs in Europe.

It’s certainly interesting to see so many streaming services potentially involved in the proposals. My personal opinion is that football has been in denial about the shift to streaming for a while now, and this was the inevitable next step.

We’ve already seen Amazon’s Prime Video service starting to make inroads, and it feels like just a matter of time until more follows. UEFA and the Premier League failing to secure deals with the big streaming services sooner has certainly aided the ESL’s cause.

There’s no real conflict of interest, as those streaming services haven’t got any vested interests in the existing football format. They’re just following the money – and it looks like this is where the money is.

But there’s still the chance the competition ends up on Sky, despite their public protestations against its formation. So we’ll have to wait and see how things pan out before we know how we’ll be able to watch Arsenal take part in the European Super League.