According to a report in the Mirror, thousands of shirts printed up for the European Super League were reduced by 93% and went on sale for just £2 this weekend.

European Super League shirts
European Super League shirts on sale through

They might not have bothered to organise officials, a broadcaster, or much else, but the clubs involved in the ill-fated and short-lived Super League managed to get shirts printed up so they could fleece fans who have already been asked to shell out hundreds for multiple kits this season already.

The shirts, although styled in club colours, only had just the name of the clubs where a manufacturer’s logo should be and the European Super League logo, which looks like a Champions League logo rip-off, where the club badges should be:

Arsenal's European Super League shirt
Arsenal’s European Super League shirt

In place of a sponsor, something else they hadn’t bothered with, the shirt says ‘New Era’.

48 hours is not, and has never been, an ‘era’.