Kieran Tierney says he doesn’t know what he’ll do when he hangs up his boots but he’ll definitely be heading back to Scotland to watch Celtic ‘home and away’.

Kieran Tierney (via
Kieran Tierney (via

There is no denying that Kieran Tierney is a Glasgow boy through and through. While he will come to love Arsenal, there will be no replacing his childhood club of Celtic, and it is of them he thinks when he (briefly) talks about life after playing for the Arsenal vs Leeds United matchday programme.

But stopping playing is far from the 23-year-old’s mind at the minute. “I have thought about it, but it’s hard to say with it being so far away.

“It’s not crossed my mind to do any coaching badges or anything like that yet. Some of the older players talk about it, and doing the qualifications, it’s probably something you think more about when you get over 30, but before that it’s all about your playing career.

“If you don’t go into coaching, what do you think you might want to do? Well when I finish playing I’ll be back in Scotland, no doubt going back to my old life of supporting Celtic home and away again! I’ll be back there doing something anyway.

“I’ll definitely live in Scotland when I finish playing, too per cent. I miss it every day.”

Tierney won’t take any part in Arsenal’s game against Leeds on Valentine’s Day as he recovers from a knee injury.