The Arsenal student program is a unique opportunity that allows students to learn coaching skills and train academically, both at the same time.

The Arsenal badge outside the Emirates Stadium
The Arsenal badge outside the Emirates Stadium

If you are passionate about football, want to learn at a faster pace, and are thinking of becoming a professional trainer, you might want to think this through. Becoming an Arsenal student is a truly outstanding experience that lasts no more than two years.

What is the Arsenal student course?

The Arsenal Student course offers any sports student the opportunity to learn how to coach professionally. It also provides real life training on how to develop skills in the sports industry and quickly become a pro. The Arsenal student course is also useful for combining different coaching styles with life experience situations to help create the perfect learning environment. Training and learning like a pro help you become a pro.

Who qualifies for taking the course?

Any student between the ages of 16 and 18 can take the Arsenal course, as long as they’re prepared for it. The entry requirements must therefore be met. The applicant must have 5 GCSEs Grade 4 or higher. Other qualifications are a plus. The prioritized applicants will have GCSEs Grade 4 or higher in both Mathematics and a foreign language, usually English. To order an essay help assistant, you can always check with a paper writing service online.

What is an accurate description of how this course is delivered?

As we mentioned, the Arsenal student will experience first-hand professional training and real-life training skills. Their work will be recognized by FA or UEFA in the soccer community around the world, which is a big step for any football student.

The duration of this course is two years, no breaks, full-time training. The venue where the students train is the Arsenal Hub at the Emirates Stadium N7. The educational awarding body supporting the Arsenal Student is Pearson. The methods of assessments used to test the students will include PowerPoint presentations, various assignments, and practical activities.

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What does a student get out of the Arsenal Course?

By taking the two-year intensive training at the Arsenal stadium, the student will qualify for the Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Sports, Development, Coaching and Fitness. This is the equivalent of 3 ‘A’ levels acquired otherwise.

But this is not all – students will also be offered a multitude of opportunities to explore other fields, such as FA Level 1 in Football Coaching, FA Safeguarding Children, FA Level 2 Block 1 Football Coaching or an FA small officiating class, FA Emergency First Aid, education visits, many workshops, and even employability classes.

Another attractive thing about the Arsenal student course is the time framing. Students will be taught practical skills at least eight hours per week, which is highly valuable for their education. Their practical experience will help them differentiate from other colleagues and students worldwide, and of course, stand out.

What classes will a student take during the Arsenal student course?

The course can help students find a job more easily once they graduate. Some students reported finding jobs in the next areas more easily:

  • Personal training in soccer – and not only
  • Teaching and assistant teaching
  • Writing help for sports pros
  • Sports apprenticeship
  • Community coaching at the Arsenal Football Club Academy

When it comes to academics, the most important education areas in which students will be trained are data analysis, sports therapy, sports coaching, physiotherapy, journalism, event management, teacher training, and physiotherapy. That way, if a student chooses to take the educational path and give up on sports, he can do so, as he will be offered specialized training in these fields.

The bonuses of the Arsenal student body

The Arsenal student training offers you the chance to engage in activities such as training ground visits to the university, team collaboration and bonding activities, learning how to lead club events, listening to guest speakers, and taking on educational trips. Under this program, they’ve got the chance to study better and improve their knowledge overall.

On top of the opportunities offered by the academy, students can also benefit from a wide facility range at the Emirates Stadium. By completing their regeneration project, they’ve built new homes in Islington but also helped soccer students complete their academic training.

Speaking of which, the coaching training program provides the students with the chance to develop skills in PE Curriculum, after school clubs, school and academy tournaments, social inclusion, disability sport, football development, etc.

How to Apply for the Arsenal Student Program

You can apply for the Arsenal student program in September. There is no option for applying mid-term or on a rolling basis. The application journey consists of completing the application form, going through the recruitment and selection process, getting further selected for the interview, undertaking the interview, and getting notified of the outcome.

The method of applying can be found on the Arsenal website. If you have any questions, there is always a person of contact you could reach out to. Make sure you’re prepared and meet all the above requirements if you want to be seriously considered. Putting in the right amount of time and effort is imperative.

Wrapping Up

Becoming an Arsenal student can boost up your career in many ways. Not only will it help you become better at soccer, but it will also help you get access to a wider range of skills and techniques worth studying. The Arsenal student program is something worth enrolling in if you’re serious about football training.

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