Mesut Ozil will reportedly take an 80% paycut when he signs for Fenerbahce according to reports.

Ozil with Fenerbahce scarf via Msut Ozil Twitter
Ozil with Fenerbahce scarf via Msut Ozil Twitter

In case you’ve been living on Mars for the last few years, Mesut Ozil earned £350kpw at Arsenal, a sum most deemed was successive and which became the focal point of everything Ozil did.

Over the years, Fenerbahce have been linked with a host of Arsenal players but, in the end, it always comes down to the same thing – money, and the fact they never want to spend any.

So, it’s somewhat curious that the one Arsenal player they were actually able to afford is the one earning the most money, yet here we are.

A report in The S*n claims that Ozil’s salary reduction will see him earn less than Cedric Soares picks up at Arsenal. 80% of £350k is £70,000. Hardly a figure that would see anyone struggle to live. Soares earns £75kpw.

That would also put Ozil on less than Shkodran Mustafi (£90kpw).

It will, however, make him the highest paid player at Fenerbahce by £2kpw. Luiz Gustavo currently earns £68kpw.

No transfer fee does, of course, help Fenerbahce, but the Turks are reportedly getting inventive as they try and claw together enough to pay Ozil his reduced salary.

Ozil’s announcement was expected on Friday but we are still waiting.