After scrapping the Pay-Per-View system that was so unpopular with supporters, the Premier League have confirmed their new plans for the next month or so.

manchester united v arsenal premier league
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND: Mikel Arteta, Manager of Arsenal, Kieran Tierney, and Hector Bellerin of Arsenal celebrate on November 01, 2020. (Photo by Paul Ellis – Pool/Getty Images)

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters recently confirmed that the league would move away from the pay-per-view system forced upon us last month. You had to pay £14.95 per game to watch Arsenal lose to Leicester City or Aston Villa.

Masters admitted they were “changing direction” after receiving feedback, but at the time he wouldn’t announce what the new plan was.

The Premier League now confirm (via BBC) they’re planning to revert to the broadcast model they used in September. They’ll show all the extra Premier League matches live at no additional cost, with Sky Sports, BT Sport, the BBC, and Amazon Prime splitting the games between them.

This was pretty much the only decision they could make to save face at this point.

With better planning, they probably could have brought in a PPV or subscription system for the extra games without sparking boycotts. But it’s going to be really difficult for them to introduce any system like that now.

Arsenal will play Leeds (November 22nd, 16:30) and Wolves (November 29th, 19:15) on Sky Sports. We’re still waiting on all the fixtures for December and January, as the broadcasters haven’t made their selections yet.

The only other game this month is in the Europa League away to Molde FK, on BT Sport as usual.