The Gunners can definitely feel a bit of a relief now that they know that striker Gabriel Martinelli is returning to full team training reassuring the squad and the fans.

Gabriel Martinelli back in training with Arsenal (Photo via Twitter)
Gabriel Martinelli back in training with Arsenal (Photo via Twitter)

In fact, the odds have already reflected the good news, and Premier League game predictions will now inevitably take heed of the fact.

Martinelli picked up a serious injury earlier this year and had to miss five months of football. Even returning to training, though, it’s unlikely for Martinelli to be present in any of the games before Christmas.

The Europa League is an important stepping stone for the Gunners, but Martinelli will have to watch from the sidelines, soak up the wisdom of his coach and cheer for the Arsenal team as he plans his return which is bound to be a strong one.

Arsenal look to improve in attack

Arsenal shouldn’t rush and get their hopes up, that’s a given. Yet, for a team that struggled a little in the striking department, having one of their top scorers from last season is definitely turning into a positive source of inspiration and cheerfulness.

Fans will fondly recall Martinelli’s fantastic debut campaign in the English Premier League, helping the team to some good results with strong individual performances. He pressed well from the front, combined with the midfielders, and was always happy to drop back and help the defence.

Martinelli is a player with a lot of individuality, but he’s also a team player, which makes him doubly useful and most certainly unpredictable to the opponents. He scored 10 goals in 26 appearances, including against the top clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea.

Recovering and doing well

Martinelli has been positive about his impending potential return. He’s confirmed to various media outlets that he’s feeling well again and that his knee is getting much better.

The incapacitating injury he suffered put his Arsenal aspirations on hold. Yet, Martinelli didn’t pout and did the hard work to make sure he can return and play for the Gunners once again. This is now not far away from happening, which is good news.

Arsenal have some tough teams ahead, so they’ll have to make do without him for a little while longer. The team face high-flying Molde and Aston Villa very soon and the North London derby is on the horizon.

One other notable clash will be between Arsenal and Chelsea played on December 26th, which could well be in time to see Martinelli return. The Gunners are definitely betting hard on the teenager in a bid to make sure that he will be on time to influence the football odds for the best.