Arsenal’s main shirt and stadium sponsors, Emirates Airlines, are offering a free funeral to anyone who catches Covid during their trip, along with money to cover medical expenses.

Emirates Airline kitted out in Arsenal livery
Emirates Airline kitted out in Arsenal livery

Emirates Airlines are making a move into the airline insurance industry as airlines try all manner of things to try and get people to fly again.

Emirates Airline insurance states that should a passenger be diagnosed with Covid-19 during their journey, Emirates will not only cover their medical expenses up to €150,000, they will also pay €100-per-day towards quarantine costs (should you need a hotel, for example) for up to a maximum of 14 days.

In addition, should the worst happen and you die from the virus, Emirates Airlines will offer €1,500 towards the cost of your funeral.

This specific insurance is automatically included with the price of Emirates Airlines tickets, starting immediately and travellers will not be charged extra for it.

“It’s an interesting idea,” said Forbes’ contributor, Avi Dan. “It delivers share of mind on steroids. It demonstrates the integrity of the brand to the public, and it shows they have empathy for their customers and understand the current environment.

“The premise of insurance for medical bills or quarantine is brave. It’s bold and cuts to the heart of the reluctance to travel. It doesn’t skirt the emotions surrounding COVID-19 but tackle them head on. However, the  fact that the  insurance includes a death coverage could be problematic. It could encourage the kind of mental imagery that an airline normally wouldn’t want associated with its brand.”