The Arsenal 2020/21 home shirt is on sale in the United Kingdom, despite the fact the club still haven’t got around to announcing it.

Arsenal 2020/21 Home Shirt on
Arsenal 2020/21 Home Shirt on

At the time of writing, Next have the new Arsenal 2020/21 Home Shirt on sale on their website in the UK. It’s very possible the link will go down by the time this article goes up, however, because the club are still yet to announce the shirt.

Sports Direct also put the shirt on sale a week ago, but at least that was only over in Singapore. Now the shirt is on sale in Arsenal’s home country and they still haven’t released any promotional content for it or even confirmed its existence.

When Sports Direct put the shirt up, you could understand why Arsenal held off on their announcement. They’d just lost to local rivals Spurs, so it was hardly the best time.

However, now they’re on the back of two wins over Premier League Champions Liverpool and FA Cup holders Manchester City, in those respective competitions. There’s hardly a better time for Arsenal to say “here’s our kit, go and buy it”.

At this point, it looks like we’ll have to wait until after the Aston Villa game. Arsenal will reportedly wear the new shirt for the final home game of the season against Watford, so it has to come out at some point this week.