Arsenal will face Charlton Athletic in a game at the Emirates Stadium this weekend, according to Lyle Taylor on Instagram.

Lyle Taylor responds to CAFCMedia on Instagram
Lyle Taylor responds to CAFCMedia on Instagram

Lyle Taylor, making headlines this week for his decision to leave Charlton Athletic, is now apparently rebranding as an ITK on social media. He commented on a post by CAFCMedia to reveal Charlton will face Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday.

When asked for evidence and if there would be a stream, Taylor responded: “Lol why would I lie about a game against Arsenal? And I haven’t got a clue if you can watch it”. So I guess we’re on our own on those two fronts.

It’s certainly not hard to believe. We covered reports on Thursday that Arsenal are hoping to play two friendlies before their trip to Manchester City on June 17th.

That doesn’t leave much time after this weekend, so they need to get the first game in as soon as possible.

One of the conditions for friendlies was that the two teams couldn’t be more than 90 minutes apart, which is no problem for Arsenal and Charlton. Plus, Arsenal would probably prefer to ease back in against lower-league opposition.

For the avoidance of doubt, Taylor later confirmed the game is on Saturday in another comment. As his original comment was posted at 1:30am on Saturday, it was a little unclear at first what “tomorrow” meant. Good luck to the team!